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User-centred design in local government: where it’s at

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Announcement graphic for Local #govdesign Day on 25 November 2019 at Birmingham Council House from 11 to 5 o’clock; supported by Birmingham City Council

Many local councils all across the UK are increasing their design, user research, and content design capability. Designers and design-minded people are improving the public services provided by Local Authorities. We are running a Local #govdesign Day to bring these people together and showcase their work.

Become a service designer in government: step by step

A person points with their finger at a hand-drawn map introducing service design in multiple steps with diagrams

Service design is a rapidly growing and much needed field in government. In this post, Sanjay Poyzer describes how he became a service designer and shares some steps you could take to become a service designer in government.

International Design in Government events this summer

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A poster promoting the International Design in Government Day. It contains a quote from Lou Downe: “The future of government transformation is better design”. The poster also contains the logo of the organisers – Code for America and the International Design in Government community – and the date of the event: 29 May 2019

After running the first ever International Design in Government Conference in London last summer, we asked our community who would like to bring it to their country. In this post, we share where designers in government will get to gather next.