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About the Design in government blog

If you are doing design work in the public sector, we’d love to share your thoughts, patterns, ideas and stories on this blog. 

The goal is to be open about what design in government and the public sector looks like, to share ideas and generate discussions with designers everywhere. We’re interested in all types of design, including content, graphic, interaction, and service design.

The blog is run by Hannah Jump, senior service designer at the Government Digital Service (GDS), Kara Kane, Head of Profession for Design (GDS), and Alice Jones, Content Designer at GDS. You can write us an email, find us on the cross-government Slack or write us a message on Twitter.

We’re a community of designers working across government and the public sector.

This blog is to help us work openly, share our ideas and start conversations with designers everywhere.

We’re interested in:

  • content design
  • graphic design
  • interaction design
  • service design

If you’ve got an idea for a blog post, you can email us an outline of what the post is about and who is the intended audience