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Help test how we apply the Service Standard to lower volume forms

Sticker-covered laptop plugged into a screen displaying two GOV.UK pages side-by-side: the Service Standard and the search results page for forms, showing 5,665 results

As we look to bring the spirit of the Service Standard to lower volume forms, we need volunteers to read some draft Service Manual guidance, try to follow the guidance, and give us feedback on both the guidance and any impact it had.

Designing the GOV.UK coronavirus page

A person holding a mobile phone showing the GOV.UK coronavirus page reading: ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19)’ – stay alert, control the virus, save lives

The GOV.UK coronavirus page went from concept to publication in 4.5 days. Since going live, it has helped millions of people find important COVID-19 information. Read the blog post to find out how we designed

‘Make sure this is right’ – a new email confirmation pattern

We used a new email confirmation pattern on and it’s working well. On the old site, 19.4% of people never confirmed their email address. On the new site, that number is 12.1%. This improvement means 50,000 more people every …