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‘Make sure this is right’ – a new email confirmation pattern

We used a new email confirmation pattern on and it’s working well.

On the old site, 19.4% of people never confirmed their email address. On the new site, that number is 12.1%.

This improvement means 50,000 more people every month use the service successfully.

Petitions email confirmation pattern

What’s new?

  • We don’t ask for the email address twice – instead, we show you your own email address again
  • The message telling you to check your email bounces up and down (srsly)
  • Email delivery is (a bit) faster
  • The email you receive is shorter and more direct

We don’t know how much effect each of these changes has had – all we know is that all together they’ve reduced our non-confirmation rate significantly.

Next, we’ll be doing A/B testing to figure out exactly what effect each change has individually.

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  1. Comment by Ben Marvell posted on

    You should have made the gif loop so people notice it easier.