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Service Design

Become a service designer in government: step by step

A person points with their finger at a hand-drawn map introducing service design in multiple steps with diagrams

Service design is a rapidly growing and much needed field in government. In this post, Sanjay Poyzer describes how he became a service designer and shares some steps you could take to become a service designer in government.

International Design in Government events are going global

Three posters promoting each location of the International Design in Government Conference. They are almost identical, featuring the conference logo which is a sphere with the words 'International Design in Government" around the circumference, but the backgrounds are different colours - red, white and blue - and feature the logo or name of the organisation running the event

After the success of our London conference last year, we’re helping to run 3 events around the world to help bring more designers together to build better government services. Find out where we’re going to be and how you can take part.