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Co-creating the most complete overview of international design in government work

An image of the conference in action on a laptop, there is an international community poster in the background. Kara, Martin, and Clara Greo are seen at the side of the screen presenting during the welcome kick off to the conference.

The International Design in Government ran the first ever 24-hour conference showcasing global public sector service transformation. Find out what the community is up to next!

How the International Design in Government community is coming together again

A group of 4 people with microphones and lanyards are sitting on stools, discussing. 4 more people who look at them sit behind them. There is a wall with graphical applications of logos of ‘Creative Bureaucracy Festival’. All people have lighter skin tones.

The International Design in Government continues to grow and convene — and we’re bigger than ever before. We have over 3,500 members on Slack and regularly have 40 to 50 people joining our calls. The last time we blogged, we …