Can I use the GOV.UK fonts?

We frequently get enquiries and requests about using the GOV.UK typeface (a variant of New Transport called GDS Transport) on other websites.

screengrab of an early GDS Transport specimen

For licensing reasons we have to be quite strict about what can use the typeface. The GDS Transport font files are licensed for use on the, * and * domains only. For services publicly available on different domains, use an alternative font like Arial.

photograph of the paper form version of the Lasting Power of Attorney service

The licence also covers supporting materials for those domains, so if you’re redesigning the paper forms, creating leaflets or posters to help users with your service (and it has passed the Digital by Default Service Standard) you can use GDS Transport for that too.


  1. Frank

    Broken link to GOV.UK in second para.

    Are there any plans to extend the use of GDS Transport to other domains?

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    • Mark Hurrell

      thanks, fixed the link

      no, sorry we don't have any plans to allow GDS Transport on other domains

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  2. Tom Wynne-Morgan

    Hmmm, so the code is open source but the font is not. I'd be really keen to understand why that is.

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  3. Andy

    If the website domain ends in but isn't hosted on the GOV.UK framework can the GDS Transport font be used?

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    • Joe Lanman

      According to Mark's article, you'd need to have a domain that ends with "" or ""

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  4. kursus toko online

    so the code is open source but the font is not

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