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Useful links for new designers

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When we welcome new designers to growing digital design community in government we often send round a bunch of useful links. In the spirit of Mike's 'publish don't send' I thought it was better to stick them up here so we have a url to point to.

HMRC + MoJ designersDesigners awaiting links.

Useful links for new designers
The principles on which the design of our services are built. If in doubt, always refer back to these.
The service manual, a brilliant resource, with information not only about your own role, but how your role fits in to the wider team. If you’ve never worked with a content designer or a researcher before, this will help explain what they do and how they compliment and support your role.
The GDS Blog - less of a ‘tool’ but something to keep you in touch with the broader work of GDS
A blog about the design of GDS services, again, good to read to get a general idea of how things are progressing
A working wiki on current designs in progress. A good way to test your theories / see what has been done before.
If you’re familiar with Github, this might also help — if you’re not, please don’t worry, we’ll explain this in due course.


I’m Ben, Director of Design at GDS. You can follow me on twitter @benterrett

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