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GOV.UK sketching templates

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When designing a new service, a product or just a simple page it is often best to start with a sketch. Or a scribble. Something you can quickly put down on paper to help you visualise how things might work and so you have something to show and discuss with colleagues.

We do this quite a bit at GDS.

Trying to explain the difference between content, tool and a servicePicture from psd.

IMG_20140427_182051Picture from memespring.

A blank sheet of paper can be intimidating so I thought I'd try and make that easier by making a few sketching templates. I made them A4 shaped and stuck them on Flickr because that seemed an easy way to share them.

There are three templates one page on one sheet, two pages on one sheet and eight pages on one sheet. You can download them by clicking on the links.

Here's an example of the eight page sheet.

GOV.UK sketching template

Prototyping kit


I'm Ben, Director of Design at GDS. You can follow me on twitter @benterrett

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