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We’ve changed the name

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‘Reckons’ is a word we use a lot inside GDS to describe part of our design process. It means making informed guesses - ideas and sketches we think might be right, but often haven’t tested.

Once we hit publish on this blog though we realised we’d made a mistake naming it 'Design reckons'. We should avoid jargon, wherever possible, and ‘reckon’ is part of our jargon.

So we’ve changed the name of the blog to ‘GDS design notes’.

We reckon that’ll make it more obvious what you’ll find here; notes about what we’re doing to improve the design of GOV.UK and the services on it. That might include sketches, feedback from testing, the reasons why we’ve made certain choices... stuff like that.

We’ve redirected the old URLs. If you've subscribed to the feed it should still work, but you might want to update yours just to make sure.

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  1. Comment by James Coltham posted on

    Glad to know it wasn't just me wondering what the previous title meant! This small change makes a lot of sense, and it's a nice reminder of how easy it is for jargon to creep in.

  2. Comment by Lee posted on

    If I recall correctly, the use of "reckons" for guesses etc, originally grew out of a Mitchell and Webb sketch from 2008.