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Start page discovery — update

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This is just a short update on the state of play of the start page discovery since our previous post.

In short, there's been little significant movement as we are still waiting to be able to test the work we've done so far with the different exemplars we're working with. It's proving difficult to get our work into their testing sessions.

That said, below are some quick mocks by Amy and I. These were made for some of the other services we're looking at based on our earlier thinking. We'd like to validate that thinking before we move things on.

Start page roughs

DVLA — Renew tax disc:


HMRC — Change your company car:



MOJ — Book a prison visit


DWP — Carer’s Allowance


We are also looking further into how to label beta transactions too, some of which you can see here. The idea being to surface a simple badge/message that would lead to a more verbose description of what a beta is for the public.

We had thought it wrong to put the word 'beta' in front of users, but there's a need to get this concept into the public consciousness for a whole host of reasons.

More on all this soon.

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